Bryant Furnace Guide: Gas Furnaces

When it comes to gas furnaces, Bryant is a company that offers a solid product line with high quality and dependability. Bryant gas furnaces come in several different varieties designed to suit different needs and budgets. Bryant gas furnaces can be divided into the following product lines, listed in with the most affordable first and the most expensive last:

  • Legacy
  • Preferred
  • Evolution

Bryant Legacy Gas Furnaces

The gas furnaces in the Legacy line are Bryant’s basic furnace. Reliable and dependable, the models in this line are designed to provide at least 80% efficiency so that you won’t burn more propane or natural gas than is necessary. Many of the Legacy line furnaces reach efficiency levels much higher than 80%, with the Legacy Line 95 able to burn gas at an efficiency rate of over 95%. The energy savings alone make it worthwhile to step up to one of the more expensive models in the Legacy line, while still staying in the basic, affordable range as far as cost is concerned.

Legacy furnaces come equipped standard to work with natural gas but a conversion to propane use instead takes only a few minutes. All Legacy furnaces include a variable speed fan and a precisely calibrated thermostat that will allow you to set your home heating at a consistent level and avoid the extremes of heat and cold that can be a problem with some other brands of furnace.

Bryant Preferred Gas Furnaces

Byrant Preferred Gas Furnaces incorporate specialized components such as “Perfect Heat” technology which increases the stability of temperatures inside a home. In addition, Bryant Preferred furnaces utilize a “QuieTech” system which guarantees that the Preferred line of furnaces runs at much lower noise levels than the Legacy gas furnace line.

Few things are more irritating than having to adjust the volume on the TV or stereo over and over because the heating system is switching on and off. Some furnaces are actually so loud that they can wake you up in the middle of the night when they fire themselves on. The Bryant Preferred gas furnace line avoids all these problems by reducing noise at the outset.

Energy efficiency in the Preferred line includes “Fan on Plus” technology that causes the fan to turn off only after heat has been distributed throughout the house. This in turn causes the burner to run for less time which means that the gas you fuel the furnace with will last longer and cost you less.

Bryant Evolution Gas Furnaces

The deluxe line of gas furnaces from Bryant goes by the series name of Evolution. These furnaces include advanced features like “Perfect Humidity” technology that monitors the humidity level of your home air during the winter and adjusts furnace performance accordingly. With an Evolution furnace, you won’t suffer from the problem of dry air during the cold season.

Evolution furnaces from Bryant also feature high fuel efficiency with the top of the line offering a stunning 96.5% efficiency rate.

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